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Local Search Marketing

Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Believe it or not, local search marketing is the future of getting the word out about your small biz on the web. Today, search engines emphasize returning local results for users, which is why local search marketing campaigns often include methods for promoting your small business to as many potential customers within a specific geographic area as possible.

People search for local businesses differently. It’s a fact. Your small business must show up on the first page of websites such as Google, Yahoo Local, Bing Business Portal, and Yelp to catch the eye of potential customers. They’re typically not going to dig to find what they need, so it’s imperative to find a way to get on that all-important first page of results.

Google: The Main Event

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Google is the mammoth of search. It’s true that there are many different ways to get found locally when you’re a small biz in search of clientele, but Google should always be your primary objective if you want to be seen.

Google Places is the hub for local businesses that need to accomplish that goal. It doesn’t matter if you’re the new bakery on the block or if you’re the head of a blossoming local legal practice – Google Places will help you get your business info in front of the right eyes. According to Web Pro News:

Google+, Big G’s social network de jour, is currently integrated into every new service Google creates. Having an active G+ account for your business is a critical step you should take when you’re working to get your site prominent placement in the Google Places directory.

Local Search Marketing Alternatives

Although Google is the biggest player in the local search game, leaving out alternatives would be akin to shooting yourself in the foot (or leaving major money on the table). There’s massive market share out there for companies that provide local search alternatives, and casting your net wide by listing your business on as many as you can find would be a winning strategy for your small business.

How often have you busted out the Yellow Pages lately? Do you even have a copy in your home? I’m guessing no, and most people are moving away from the print pages altogether in favor of wholly Internet-based local search. The Yellow Pages still exist – and they’ve gone digital. YellowPages.com is an outlet to advertise your business, and its partnership with Bing can help you gain prominent placement for all those hungry eyeballs that desperately need the goods or services you offer.

SuperPages.com is another great example of local search marketing in action. You can also go the niche-specific route. For instance, if you run a restaurant, then Urban Spoon or Yelp would be good marketing tools for you to try. If you’re a travel-related company, Kayak or TripAdvisor may be a better fit. For each industry, you can place local advertising on countless niche search engines and directories to tap into your maximum area client base.

It’s imperative to integrate your website, local business directory listings, and local social profiles fully to maximize the ROI for your local search efforts. Optimizing your networks for search is a critical step for reaping the rewards as well. Sound difficult? Well, that’s when you call in the experts. At Pan-Galactic Networks, we can increase the local search presence for your small business; streamline your local search marketing campaign, and deliver results – or you drop us like a hot potato, and don’t pay us. Check out our pricing page or simply send us a message for more details.